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Explore the range of over 1,500 Sterling Silver Jewellery products


Heather Needham Silver supplies over 1,500 Sterling Silver jewellery products including earrings, pendants, sterling silver rings, lockets, bangles, bracelets, brooches, charms, cufflinks and necklaces in a variety of colours and styles.


All of the Silver shown on this website is Sterling Silver or commonly known as 925 silver. This is the British standard of 92.5% silver. If you are wondering why it's not 100%, it's because pure silver is too soft to work with, so a base metal such as Copper is added.


As well as our plain silver items, we also sell jewellery set with Cubic Zirconia, Freshwater Pearls, sponge Coral, Paua shell and semi-precious stones. Browse from the categories above or dive straight in to view our latest styles